Cosmetic Dentistry

Good oral and dental hygiene is sometimes not enough to give the patient the smile he or she wants. In addition, during the course of our lives, our teeth wear out and do not regenerate. Acid or carious attacks can lead to more or less severe damage and the appearance of our smile can be negatively affected.

Geneva dental clinic offers several solutions ranging from simple tooth whitening to complex smile rehabilitation using veneers (called Smile Makeover), including our Smile Concept developed at the clinic.

The dental veneers, which the clinic specialises in, can imitate or replace the lost enamel of a tooth. Their thickness can vary from 0.3 to 0.5 mm and allow us to limit or avoid any invasive preparation (filing). We believe that aesthetics should not take precedence over your oral and dental health and the preservation of your teeth.

All our dental veneers are handmade in our laboratory in Geneva by our master ceramists in order to keep them as natural as possible. Each customized smile for you will therefore be unique.

By trying to imitate nature, we respect the biological processes within the human body.


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The patient will be informed of the duration when the type of treatment has been chosen.

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A precise estimate that takes into account your financial possibilities and the type of treatment chosen will be given.

Post-treatment dental care

Cosmetic dentistry ranging from simple tooth whitening to veneers requires a follow-up by your dentist.


Several cosmetic solutions will be suggested to you in order to guarantee your satisfaction.

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