Implants & Prostheses

A dental implant is a titanium screw (biocompatible material) used to replace the root of a missing tooth.

This treatment allows the patient to get his or her cheerful smile back and, above all, allows the jaw to function properly (occlusion).

Indeed, chewing problems due to tooth loss can lead to a deterioration of the digestive system, resulting in a decrease in the absorption of essential nutrients and an increase in fat and cholesterol which can lead to certain cardiac complications.

The Geneva dental clinic specialises in implantology

A dental doctor dedicated solely to this practice, follows the patient’s treatment from start to finish. In addition, we use the latest digital technology to insert implants in the ideal position from a digital print made in our clinic.

We only use Swiss branded STRAUMANN® implants so that you can be sure of an adequate follow-up and tracking subsequent to your treatment.

Finally, the clinic also offers treatments for completely edentulous patients. A medical team of anaesthetists can be called in during the computer-assisted surgery. This type of surgery provides greater comfort to the patient and greater precision during the procedure.

This technique consists of using computer software that reconstructs the jaw in 3D and positions the dental implants with great precision (depending on the available bone and the desired aesthetic).

The implants are positioned exactly in the predetermined locations. A 3D surgical guide of the positioning of the implants is custom-made for each patient. If the stability of the implants is satisfactory on the day they are inserted, the patient can be discharged on the same day or the next day with a fixed and aesthetic temporary prosthesis.

The advantages of computer-guided implantology are numerous:

  • It significantly reduces the time spent on the surgical intervention and the postoperative monitoring.
  • Bone volumes are optimised, which can avoid the need for a bone graft. 
  • The implant project can be presented virtually to the patient prior to the operation.

All our dental prostheses (crowns) are made in Switzerland in our own laboratory in Geneva.

The technological developments in digital dentistry combined with the “handmade” know-how of our dental technicians are the reasons why our treatments exhibit incomparable precision and aestheticism.


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To insert one or several dental implants can take at least one hour.

Cost of treatment

The average price for the implant and the crown starts at CHF 2900.

Post-treatment dental care

Advice will be given after the procedure and medication will be prescribed if necessary.


A dental specialist will be responsible for your treatment and the follow-up from the first consultation appointment to the fixation of your prosthesis.

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