Scaling & Dental Hygiene

A regular check-up with your dental hygienist (twice a year) is important and allows for a follow-up and an early diagnosis of cavities. This also helps to reduce the need for treatment and optimise costs, while keeping your teeth and gums clean and healthy.

During such an appointment (1 hour), the dental hygienist will

  • 1. Remove stains caused by tobacco, coffee or by other factors (using the latest air polishing techniques (airFlow®)).
  • 2. Remove dental plaque and tartar (manually or with ultrasonic equipment).
  • 3. Polish the surfaces to make them smooth and therefore less accessible (bacteria and staining).
  • 4. Reinforce your natural protection with the right fluoride exposure to your teeth.
  • 5. Advise you on the choice of products and teach you the latest brushing techniques.
  • 6. Carry out a check-up for the diagnosis of cavities if necessary. We systematically take X-rays to get an overview and to monitor the progress of all treatments.

The scaling sessions can end with a light tooth whitening (SNAP technique in 15 minutes). This treatment is painless and harmless to your teeth and can be repeated at every appointment.





This treatment lasts approximately one hour.

Cost of treatment

Fees start at CHF 130.

Post-treatment dental care

The patient has to apply the personalized advice given by our dental hygienists and schedule a new check-up appointment.


Our hygienists will do their very best to exceed your expectations and to offer you a complete and efficient scaling session.

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