The practice of tooth whitening carried out by a dentist provides optimum treatment control and ensures that the products are safely and properly dosed.

What is tooth whitening ?

The basic principle of tooth whitening is the use of a hydrogen or carbamide peroxide gel. The gel applied to the teeth will react when in contact with the tooth enamel and will whiten it without any side effects of tooth decay. This technique used in a clinical setting allows the teeth to be whitened in a non-aggressive way, unlike toothpaste containing abrasive pastes sold in shops or other techniques suggested on the internet (lemon juice, bananas).

There are two whitening techniques that can be adapted according to the age and wishes of the patient.

TECHNIQUE N°1| Homebleaching

This first technique consists of creating customized mouth trays and giving the patient the professional gel to start the whitening process with the follow-up and advice of a dentist. The concentration of active product is always adjusted to achieve the desired whiteness.

This technique requires 2 sessions


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TECHNIQUE N°2| Chairside Dental Whitening

Thanks to recent techniques and high-quality products that are not harmful to the patient’s health, chairside dental whitening allows the patient to have a quick intervention at the clinic after a specific and meticulous preparation by our specialists. This preparation consists of covering the lips and gums so that only the teeth are exposed.

The specialist then applies a whitening gel based on hydrogen peroxide (oxygenated water) to the teeth with an adjusted concentration. A specific high-energy light is subsequently sent to the part of the teeth where the gel has been applied. The light combined with the whitening gel removes stains and discolouration and whitens your teeth while preserving their structure.

This technique requires 1 session


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