Smile Concept

Smile Concept

The Geneva dental clinic is specialised in bring back smiles with a new technique developed by Dr Romain Thinard that creates the desired outcome in only 3 sessions.

Natural customized smile

smile concept smile concept

First session (Digital Simulation)

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After having listened to you and examined your request, Dr Romain Thinard offers you a DIGITAL simulation of your smile live on a screen by changing the design based upon your comments. The purpose of this session is to gather information in order to find the perfect match between your teeth and your face.

Second session (Live Simulation)

smile concept

Once he gathered the information, Dr Romain Thinard creates a prototype smile directly on the patient without ANY dental preparation. This unique step allows the patient to test his new smile and to make other modifications according to his wishes. Pictures are taken and a precise and commented estimate is then given. A strict protocol of NON-INVASIVE preparations of the teeth is then applied and SHOWN to the patient. The patient then leaves with the temporary veneers, which he or she can exhibit for a week. Meanwhile, Dr Romain Thinard can see the patient again in order to make further modifications to the design.

Third session (Final)

smile concept

After removing your temporary veneers and trying on your new smile to ensure that it matches your wishes perfectly, Dr Romain Thinard will attach the final veneers using the latest adhesive techniques.

A final visit, similar to a check-up appointment, is scheduled two or three days after your final veneers have been inserted.

ALL our work is done BY HAND by our best dental technicians using the latest technological and digital tools in our own laboratory in Geneva. We keep track of all products used in order to guarantee total security.


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