Orthodontics is that specialty within dentistry aimed at correcting dental malposition. The patient’s primary motivation is often aesthetic but orthodontics is also and above all functional in nature.

A better positioning of the tooth within the jawbone ensures a good ageing of our teeth by avoiding caries or gum recession through improved teeth brushing.

Thanks to a good occlusion (interlocking of the teeth), back problems and therefore posture problems can be corrected but also:

  • Sleep disorders through improved nasal breathing
  • Pain in the jaw joint
  • Snoring
  • Speech defects
  • Difficulties in closing the lips

The Geneva dental clinic has brought together two specialists to offer the best in the field of orthodontics:

Dr Antoine Meley

With more than 30 years of experience in orthodontics for adults and children, he offers his patients the most modern technologies for a discreet and efficient treatment.

He offers the latest innovative techniques for those who want unparalleled comfort and discretion compared to the current conventional methods such as brackets (rings), wires or aligners (trays).

Antoine Meley is also the inventor of an invisible orthodontic technique called “the molding technique” or direct molding practiced at the Geneva dental clinic (patented since 2009). This technique makes it possible to considerably reduce (4 times) the size of the attachments on the surface of the teeth and thus to reduce the cost of a treatment by eliminating laboratory costs.

Finally, the results can be observed faster and the strain due to displacement is reduced, thus alleviating the pain. Therefore, the patient experiences a considerable gain in comfort and the duration of the treatment is shorter.

Dr Didier Fillion

Dr Didier Fillion’s close colleagues call him “the artist”.
Didier Fillion is considered to be one of the few people to perform lingual orthodontics with such a high level of aesthetic success. He’s a world-renowned lecturer and his technique is the secret to smiles of many celebrities.

His skill and his way of working are close to those of a worker in precious metals. When consulted, this expert will take care of his patient from beginning to end. He will put the device in the patient’s mouth by choosing the most appropriate places to insert the tiny, invisible brackets and determine the most appropriate wire to connect these brackets.

The advantages of the orthodontics practiced at the clinic are :

  • Invisibility of the device :
    Unlike conventional orthodontics where brackets are placed in front of the teeth; lingual orthodontics uses invisible brackets that are stuck to the inner surface of the teeth that are in contact with the tongue. 
  • Rigour, precision and meticulousness:
    Lingual orthodontics combines know-how, manual skill, a sense of aesthetics and the use of the most advanced digital technologies.
  • Aesthetic and functional efficiency:
    Perfectly aligned teeth are certainly a guarantee of a healthy smile, but that’s not all. This alignment allows a better chewing capacity, improves the digestion of food and contributes to a better health of the patient.
  • Respect for the patient:
    Orthodontic treatment takes several months. This may seem long in a society where “things always have to go faster”. It is essential to respect the patient’s nature and avoid traumatising his or her teeth. Moreover, the patient doesn’t  have to wait until the end of the treatment to see real.


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The duration varies depending on the treatment (for instance, 3 months to align a tooth).

Cost of treatment

A precise estimate depending on the type of treatment will be given (starting at CHF 150 per month).

Post-treatment dental care

Annual check-ups are scheduled with the patient.


The treatment by our experts together with new invisible techniques will meet your expectations.

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