Preventive Dental Care

Preventive dentistry or microdentistry aims at preserving as much healthy tooth tissue as possible by limiting invasive procedures. The use of biocompatible materials, special micro-instruments and optical aids such as a microscope, limit the extent of the preparations and allow for more conservative dentistry.

Dental amalgams containing mainly mercury, represent a real danger to the patient’s health. The ageing of the amalgam (filling) also triggers a phenomenon of dental fractures known as the “cracked tooth syndrome”.

The Geneva dental clinic has developed, in cooperation with a specialised team affiliated to the WHO, a strict protocol to replace these amalgams, including full protection (suit and charcoal mask), as well as a system to extract and process the air particles.

The Geneva dental clinic has an air-abrasion system (aquacare) that allows the removal of decayed tissue without the use of a drill (milling/liming).

Finally, a new technique of infiltration of caries by biocompatible fluid resins allows the healthy tissues to be better preserved and is offered to you at the clinic. This dentistry is thus at the heart of our practice. Many of the invasive treatments still applied today create considerable damage to the patient’s oral and dental health and to the durability of the teeth that we try to preserve with the least amount of treatments.

In addition, we take into consideration the patient’s oral and dental health but also his or her physical and emotional health by practicing  biodentistry with special materials. A more natural approach to dental treatment is key to us.





This treatment lasts approximately one hour.

Cost of treatment

The average cost to treat caries / to replace amalgams starts at CHF 230.

Post-treatment dental care

Personalized advice is given after the appointment with the dentist.


Adjusted techniques using biomaterials are offered, always with respect for the art of dentistry and while taking into account the patient’s biological make-up.

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